Humanfesto: What does art have to give and take

The union of Artist

We will leave all of our jobs if the following does not happen

A Hu-manfesto

  • Respect for the art

  • The arts important

  • The arts are the history of how to do things and make things

  • If you forget about arts you forget the history of things about objects

  • Thought is the tool to our survival

  • Art is the thought of doing

  • Art is the product of action

  • Art is the history as action

  • Art is a study of the culture of making and doing

  • We are the change we seek

  • You have to search history for knowledge to live a good life

  • History is in the past

  • History is the fuel that pushes culture, if culture forgets history it loses it push, and slows down

#ArtHumanfesto #Arthistory #Philosophy

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